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Current Membership Report

Not sure your are a paid up member? Browse our Membership Report. If your Corporation or name is listed you are member of the Chapter. Only CCI members receive substantial discounts at Chapter events, and only GHC members receive the CONDO NEWS.

Referral Program
Sponsors and professional members of the Chapter can participate in a referral program and receive free advertising. Help us by referring new members to the Chapter and we'll help you.

Newly Registered Condominium Program
Condominiums who apply within their first year of registration receive a free membership in the GHC providing they fall within our service boundary area. For more details please click on the link above.

How To Join

To join the CCI Golden Horseshoe Chapter please download our Information and Membership Application Brochure, print and tear out and complete the appropriate application by membership type, and mail to our address with a cheque made payable the chapter. The different membership types are listed further below.

You will need to open the brochure with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a commonly used program to access files on the Internet. You can obtain free by following the link on the home page of our website.

Membership Types

Condominium Membership

Condominium Membership is for condominium corporations. The membership fee is based on the number of units the corporation consists of. All unit owners of a corporation are considered members of the C.C.I. and entitled to membership discounts at C.C.I. courses and other events. Note only 5 copies of the Condo News is sent to a corporate member for distribution to board members. Photo copies of the Condo News for additional distribution by Corporate members is not permitted. Additional copies of the Condo News can be obtained on request.

Professional Membership

Professional Membership is for C.C.I. recognized individual professionals in the condominium industry and A.C.C.I accredited members. In addition, to retain A.C.C.I. accreditation the individual must be his or her own professional member in good standing.

Commencing July 2001 all employees of the the company that the member is affiliated with, do no longer enjoy membership benefits for discounted fees at courses and events the C.C.I. sponsors. In order to receive this privilege the company must be a Sponsor member. Note only 1 copy of the Condo News is sent to a professional member.

Sponsor Membership

Sponsor membership or 'trade' membership is for persons whose businesses are involved in the condominium industry but are not 'professionals' as recognized by the C.C.I. In addition companies (i.e property management firms), should join as Sponsor members so that all their staff will receive course and event discounts. A sponsor company also receives free web links and reduced advertising rates. Note only 1 copy of the Condo News is sent to an sponsor member.

Individual Membership

Individual membership or 'general' membership is for persons wishing to obtain membership in the C.C.I. outside of the above categories. If any individual wishes to support the C.C.I. and receive membership benefits including course and event discounts, an individual membership is the membership type to apply for. Note only 1 copy of the Condo News is sent to an individual member.

Affiliated Membership

Affiliated membership is for persons wishing to subscribe to our Condo News and receive correspondence, but are outside the jurisdiction of the Golden Horseshoe Chapter. To apply for Affiliated membership you must already be a member of your local chapter where you reside or where your business is located. Note: only 1 copy of the Condo News is sent to an affiliated member. An Affiliated membership does not permit the member to vote at meetings for the Chapter.

Golden Horseshoe Chapter members of the Canadian Condominium Institute should receive discounts at other chapter events but be sure to clarify this when registering with other chapters.

    For important safety announcements and issues effecting all condominiums, or for details on changes effecting our members - Please check the Bulletins Page

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