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What We Do

At the local level the Golden Horseshoe Chapter provides a number of services to members including:

  1. Education - providing semi annual Directors' Courses
  2. Quarterly Publications - The Condo News
  3. General Condominium Assistance
  4. Information Seminars
  5. Representing the condominium community at the municipal level.

Benefits of Membership

Currently our membership includes condominium corporations, unit owners and professionals/trades throughout the region. Help us, help you and join the C.C.I.

Members receive 50% to 100% discounted service compared to non-members. Remember we are non-profit making organization. The monies collected are used for postage, printing and setting up courses and seminars. In addition some funds are allocated for use by C.C.I. National.

C.C.I. National

At the national level the Canadian Condominium Institute head quartered in Toronto Ontario, lobbies our legislators at the provincial and federal levels of government, sets institute policies, works with other organizations (i.e. The Association of Condominium Managers) and publishes regular news letters.

Currently C.C.I. National with local chapters in Ontario are actively involved with providing feed back on the proposed overdue implementation of the 'new' Condominium Act.

The C.C.I. is the only national association to serve as a clearing house and research center on condominium activities. It assists its members in establishing and operating successful condominium corporations through publications, workshops and technical assistance. C.C.I. provides objective research for practitioners and government agencies regarding all aspects of condominium operations. C.C.I. does not represent any one profession or interest group. Rather, it represents a process of creating a successful and viable condominium community.

The condominium community is growing at an astonishing rate, where now nearly a third of the home real estate market is condominium sales. It is in the best interest of both successful and struggling condominium corporations as well as industry professionals, to actively support the C.C.I., in its aim to improve the condominium image throughout Canada.

The C.C.I. Objectives

What Can The C.C.I. Do For You?

Unit Owners and Directors will be provided with:
Managers and Developers:

Through the development of management educational programs and the establishment of acceptable criteria, the certification of Professional Managers will serve to recognize their qualifications and expertise.

Professional and Related Experts:

The opportunity for fellowship and the exchange of ideas and information with others from all facets of the condominium community, will serve to broaden your own knowledge and keep you up to date with the latest developments.

CCI Ethics:
  • The Professional Member's Code of Ethics
  • Code of Ethics for Condominium Board of Directors
  • CCI Designations:
  • Information on Accreditation Designation - ACCI
  • Fellowship Award - FCCI
  • Distinguished Service Award - DSA
  • CCI Awards:
  • Lorne Young Chapter of the Year Award
  • H. Penman Smith Award of Excellence
  • CCI Hall of Fame
  • Additional documentation can be found by referencing the CCI National Website directly.

    CCI National Web Site

    Our Mission Statement

    Chapter By-Law No. 2
    By-Law No.2 is our governing By-Law which was approved by the members at the October 26th 2000 Annual General Meeting and replaces By-Law No. 1.

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