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Event Registration And Refund Policy


  1. Event registrations will ONLY be accepted when accompanied with payment via cheque, cash or VISA.

  3. Refunds in full are permitted providing the registrant notifies the Chapter fourteen (14) days or more prior to the event start date. The Chapter has a "no refund policy", within 14 days of the event start date.

  5. Registrants may designate a substitute to attend an event in their place, if they are not able to attend.

  7. Registrants may not attend split locations, if they missed attending the event in one location.

  9. Registrants are not entitled to attend events in subsequent years without payment, when they fail to attend the original event date.

  11. Only registrants that attend the entire event are entitled to receive a certificate of completion.

  13. Our refund and substitution policy will be clearly listed on registration forms and on our website.

Note: The term "event" refers to any presentation, conference, course or seminar which the Chapter charges a fee.



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Last Updated by Steve Warner on January 9, 2005