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Membership Types

Selecting Your Membership Type

The qualifications for membership in the Chapter are as follows:

  1. Condominium memberships shall be limited to any condominium, strata or equivalent corporation registered or incorporated in accordance with the laws of any province or Territory of Canada;

  2. Individual memberships shall be limited to any owner or occupant of a condominium, strata or equivalent corporation and any other person other than a person who would qualify as professional member interested in furthering the objects of the C.C.I.;

  3. Sponsor memberships shall be limited to any corporation, (other than one would qualify for Condominium or Professional Membership), partnership, sole proprietorship, government agency, investment firm, lending institution, insurance company, advertising company, development or construction firm or other business entity that is involved in the condominium industry; and

  4. Professional members are members where a portion of their income derives from serving the condominium industry and are in professions as established by the Corporation as eligible for ACCI designations now, and as may be revised by the Board of Directors from time to time.

  5. Affiliated members are persons wishing to subscribe to our Condo News and receive correspondence, but are outside the jurisdiction of the Golden Horseshoe Chapter. To apply for Affiliated membership you must already be a member of your local chapter where you reside or where your business is located. Note: only 1 copy of the Condo News is sent to an affiliated member. An Affiliated membership does not permit the member to vote at meetings for the Chapter.

  1. Sponsor and Professional members receive discounts on advertising in the CondoNews, free inclusion into a future professional directory, free links on our web site and other special discounts at C.C.I. events.
  2. Commencing July 1, 2001 the Chapter will discontinue it's practice of allowing individuals of a company from benefiting through membership discounts, when one person in that firm has 'professional' membership with the Chapter. This is to comply with the CCI National policy. A company needs to become a 'sponsor' member to provide this benefit to it's employees.
  3. Commencing October 8, 2002 the Chapter will recognize a new membership type called the 'Affiliated' member.
  4. Applicants’ acceptance into the institute is at the sole discretion of the Chapter.

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Last Updated by Steve Warner on October 14, 2002