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Membership Dues For 2006 / 2007

The Chapter's board of directors agreed recently and reluctantly to increase membership fees for the first time in 3 years.

Some background ... CCI National fees have increased $15 in the last 3 years, but we have been able to absorb that increase through careful budgeting and increasing our membership. This year CCI National have increased their fees again by $5. This is the last increase by CCI National. But, we cannot absorb this increase this year as it will result in the Chapter incurring a deficit for each member we have. We are in excellent financial shape for the first time in our existence, and do not want to compromise that position by running a deficit. We have also experienced increases in administration, postage and printing costs, which doesn't help the bottom line.

We hope you understand why there is this modest increase, and will still see the value that the CCI provides. In fact, the Golden Horseshoe Chapter CCI membership fees are still lower in comparison to other chapters in Ontario. In fact, the GHC is the only Chapter which offers free membership to newly registered condominiums. We thought that year of all years you deserve a break and an opportunity to start things off right. See our newly registered bulletin for more details on how to qualify.

Membership fees are also applied slightly different this year. Please see our policy on mid year memberships. Previously, applicants that joined mid year would receive a discount on their membership rates in the current year but, with the increase in National fees (which is not discounted) the only portion we can discount is the relatively small portion we assign (for the majority of condominiums). In order to provide better value for money, applicants joining mid year have their membership fee applied to the following year, unless they opt in on the application to become members the current year and pay an additional discounted fee (as listed below). We still think this new pricing model will benefit applicants who want to take advantage of the lower members rates for courses and other events we offer through the year, and in turn have the benefits of membership for a much longer time.

Note the fees below reflect the new 6% GST.

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Last Updated by Steve Warner on May 20, 2006