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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. The purpose of our organization is to educate and provide assistance to directors, property managers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, developers, tradesmen and many other professionals involved with condominiums. To contact us simply click on the link on the left called "Contact Us".

Join the CCI to benefit from the latest information available to members. If you are not a member you don't realize what you are missing. Click on the membership application button on your left for an application to join.

The Golden Horseshoe Chapter publishes many articles (see the articles button) in their entirety a few months after they appear in the Condo News. The hope is you will appreciate the information and become members to support us. Please become a member if you find the information of benefit, so we can continue to provide education and assistance to condominiums and professionals in Ontario.

Thinking Of Buying A Condominium? Before you do, you need to understand how a condominium differs from other real estate. Read 15 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Condominium. There are additional articles on this website which you may find of interest before you purchase. They can be found at the articles section on your left. The CHMC also has an excellent publication (the link is found further down this page). Want more information after you purchase? Join the CCI, and attend our seminars and education courses.

Legal Disclaimer and Limitations to Assistance Policy We're very sorry but we cannot offer advice on specific condominium legal issues. We are happy to answer questions regarding the Act and how it maybe applicable to your situation. In some cases your contact information will be required before we can help you. CCI members receive priority service so be sure to state if you are a member.

Advertise in the Condo News Our advertising rates are very reasonable. The Condo News is the primary vehicle for distributing information to our members. Your ad will reach every local property manager in the Golden Horseshoe. Our distribution exceeds 6000 managers and directors. All this for as little as $50 an issue. To place an ad please contact the Condo News editor by clicking on Contact Us.

Condominium Act 1998 Information

  • Check out our Condominium Act 1998 Page.

  • Review the required new format for status certificates and other forms at our Regulations Page..

  • Need to know more ? Be sure to plan to attend our seminars and courses and most importantly - join the CCI to educate yourself and support the condominium community at large.

What's New

    The latest updates to our web site are listed in the drop down menu below.

  • Celebrate 25 Years At Our Gala Dinner & AGM
    Reserve your table or seat today for an evening of celebration. The dinner will be preceded by our AGM. For more information click on the link above.
  • The Fall 2007 L200 Condominium Course
    Register early and receive a $25 discount - CCI members only. Our well reviewed course is being revised again to improve it's content. Even if you've taken it before you will receive value for money.
  • CCI National Review Members Only
    Did you know that a vast collection of articles exist online for CCI members only? Check out what it takes to be a good condominium director in the CCI Winter Review. There are updates on condominium cases in each magazine. This website is only accessible by CCI members - email the chapter for your userid and password to take full advantage of your membership.
  • New Fax Number
    Our fax number is now 1-866-320-5361. It's toll free to better serve our long distance members.
  • New CCI Logo
    We've rebranded ourselves - check out Celebrating 25 Years - With a New Look. Only Members may use our logo on their website and business cards. Download the logo from this link above.
  • Check out the Condominium Buyers Guide
    This is a booklet prepared by the CCI and CMHC and it's free. Contact the CMHC for copies or download from the CMHC's site.

Suggestions ... ? Is there something you'd like us to be doing differently ? Drop us a line at our email address.


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